Welcome to my small corner on the internet!
You can check out my work, leave a message if You feel like it and above everything,
have a great day!

What I Do

My primary focus stands in creature and character design.
If you look for someone who can design, illustrate, model, texturize or render creature, character or something like that, I might be the guy to do it.
I have interest in object and environment design as well.
I'm comfortable with 2d as well as 3d, and I love combining both for the best results.
I enjoy working on projects trough all the stages of creation, from first doodles on a piece of paper to the final image, model, animation.
Primary tools I depend on in my work are Z-brush, 3ds Max and Photoshop.
If You've seen my work, You may have noticed I have a thing for Dinosaurs and reptile like creatures.
Couldn't explain why is that so, but I'm into Dinosaurs for as long as I can remember. Jurassic Park book and movie just reafirmed my passion for Paleoart.


Who I Am

My name is Damir. I live in suburbs of Rijeka, Croatia.
I'm a self taught artist both in traditional and digital sense.
I love the art of storytelling, film making and photography.
I'm an avid Photographer and like to take my camera with me whenever I can.
I guess I could say artistic expression is big part of my life and who I am.
For more details about me or my work You can make an inquiry on the contact page.


My Work

Right here you can catch a glimpse of what type of work I do. My illustrations are mostly comprised of 3D models, objects and various 2D photographic elements blended into one seamless image.
As it can be seen from the examples. I enjoy creating dinosaurs, dragons and various imaginative creatures.

Say Hello.

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