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I'm a computer graphics generalist, but my primary focus stands in paleoart, creature and character design.
If you look for someone who can conceptualize, illustrate, model, texturize or render dinosaur, creature, character or something of that nature, I might be the guy to do it.
I enjoy working on projects trough all the stages of creation, from initial concepts to the final image, model, animation.
Primary tools I depend on are Z-brush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Unreal Engine.
As the realtime graphics evolved over the last couple years I started utilizing Unreal Engine in my workflow.
At this point in time, Unreal became an unavoidable tool for creating photorealistic environemnts and beautiful previz animations for film and entertainment industry.



I live in suburbs of Rijeka, Croatia. I'm a self taught artist both traditionally and digitally.
The art of storytelling, film making and photography is something I'm passionate about.
I'm an avid photographer and like to take my camera with me whenever possible.
It provides great inspiration and reference material for my work.
Artistic and visual expression is big part of my life and who I am as a person.
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Right here you can catch a glimpse of what type of work I do.
Following illustrations are mostly comprised of 3D models and 2D photographic or digitally painted background elements.
As of late I started utilizing photoscanned surfaces and 3D elements to extend 3D into background and environment as well.
This resulted with more accurate, seamless imagery.
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You can find links to my artstation gallery, my instagram, youtube channel and couple other places where you can see more of my work, or get in touch with me.

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